Ugg is following the trend to make transformation

“We hope that everyone knows that UGG is not a snow boots, but a brand.” Oliver Laurent told reporters that in 2017, UGG announced the Chinese film and television actor Yang Ying Angelababy as its brand spokesperson, this is UGG since its establishment in 1978, For the first time, Chinese stars are used as brand spokespersons.

This move stems from UGG’s strategic adjustment in China, targeting new consumers in the new market, and creating a more fashionable, authentic, bold and real brand image. “We now want to take a more youthful path to communicating with younger consumers, young people aged 25-35,” said Oliver Laurent.

The reporter noticed that in the past April, UGG has launched a new spring and summer “HOLLY Hurley Shoes King.” “For UGG, spring and summer products will have a furry design. This is our DNA. We will add the plush elements to our shoes.” Oliver Laurent told First Financial Journalist Explained.

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