Children’s ugg may be the next best-selling style

This American joined DECKERS (parent company of UGG) in 2013. In the past 20 years, he has served the well-known footwear brands such as NIKE, ADIDAS, and NEWBALANCE.

UGG red too early, in its entry into the Chinese market, the name of the snowshoes in the name of the cottage goods have been all over the place. Even after officially entering China in 2008, due to the small number of brand stores, it is often unclear whether people are really stupid.

The main pure wool boots with fur coats are of high quality and UGG is not cheap to sell in China. As with other international brands, due to the large price gap between home and abroad, people often buy through overseas purchasing or tourism in order to obtain benefits.

So, after entering China for 7 years, UGG decided to adjust the selling price. “The overall reduction is about 10%-12%, and the biggest percentage of a shoe is a drop of nearly 20%.” Michael said that in August of this year, UGG selected a total of 215 entry-level products (covering all categories of products). . “We have chosen the most popular product line in mainland China,” UGG said in a statement.

Australian UGG boots sold better and better in China

Burume Inc., a UGG manufacturer based in Gold Coast, Australia, recently signed a contract to distribute its high-end UGG snow boots contract in the Chinese market. Richard Friedrichs, Burlee’s CEO, told local media that the brand will open Burlee high-end snow boots independent brand stores in mainland China, and fully open up mainland China network sales channels, including Tmall and Jingdong Mall.

“China has a thriving middle class group and the number is expected to rise to 850 million,” said Friedrich. “And they all love Australian products and are willing to pay for high-quality products.”

Different from ordinary UGG snow boots, Burlee snow boots are made of classic fabrics, even snakeskin hand-made high-grade UGG, and some will be in the surface of Swarovski crystal. Burlee UGG’s single product prices are generally between 300-600 US dollars, the most expensive to buy a pair of about 20,000 US dollars.

However, Burlee has already received a complaint from Decker, the United States, accusing him of using the UGG trademark for alleged infringement. However, Friedrich said that UGG is just a common name in the strength of the Australian giant ski boots.

UGG parent company Deckers considers selling its ugg business

As a shareholder of Dykes, Hongshan Capital stated last month that the company’s shares have performed poorly in all major indexes over the past three to five years and urged Dexters to seek outside acquisitions.

Another active investor, Marcato Capital, also said in February that it intends to discuss with Decker the future development strategy and direction of the company.

Hongshan owns 3.3% of the U.S. outdoor apparel brand, while Marcato owns 6% of Dykes.

As the most famous brand of Dykes, UGG snow boots, which are popular in U.S. cities, university campuses and shopping malls, have increased in sales from US$37 million in 2003 to US$1.52 billion in 2016.

However, recent growth has slowed, and the market value of Dexter has fallen by one-third since the end of 2014. Affected by the weak sales of UGG and Sanuk brand, the company reported that its third-quarter profit was also lower than expected in February, and cut its 2017 revenue forecast.

The special advantages of ugg boots

Recently, Deckers, UGG’s parent company, American outdoor sportswear company, released its first-quarter earnings report for 2017, which saw double-digit declines in sales of all its brands. The total sales amounted to 174 million euros, which was 18.4% lower than the 214 million euros in the same period of last year. The operating loss was 78.3 million U.S. dollars, which was an increase from the 63.7 million U.S. dollars in the same period of last year. UGG, the flagship brand underpinned by Deckers’ performance, had sales of 91.9 million U.S. dollars, a decrease of nearly 20% from the same period last year of 115 million U.S. dollars. Last year, UGG’s parent company’s profits also plummeted, which is closely related to the slowdown in UGG’s growth. In the case of bad development of other brands, the UGG revenue grew only 2.1% for the whole year. It is difficult to stimulate the growth of the Group’s performance.

Focusing on the Chinese market, UGG’s former glory has gradually lost its popularity. Beijing Business Daily reporter visited a number of UGG Outlets in Beijing store and found that despite the number of guests in the store to hang around, but actually buy very few UGG snow boots guests.

“Snow boots and UGG, these two concepts are not simultaneously instilled to consumers. Before entering the Chinese market in 2008, UGG’s knockoff shipments have been all over the place.” Clothing industry analyst Zhao Peiru said. In fact, UGG does not specifically refer to a certain brand of boots in Australia. It is actually the collective name for sheepskin boots. UGG, as the representative brand of snow boots, has been sought after by young people after entering China. “Like buying a pair of sports shoes would like to buy Nike, buy a pair of UGG snow boots is the same consumer psychology. But unlike sports shoes, UGG’s style is very similar, it is difficult to buy a pair of shoes There is a desire to buy a second pair.” Some consumers told the Beijing Business Daily reporter.

Trademark infringement of ugg boots

Friends familiar with UGG know that this is a brand of snow boots. Its trademark in China is held by American company Dex, but at the same time, UGG is a popular name for snow boots in Australia, so the domestic cross-border E-commerce sellers imported snow boots from Australia and sold them under the UGG name. This practice is not illegal in Australia, but there is a problem in the country. On the one hand, Dexter has registered the trademark of “UGG”. On the other hand, UGG is still not the common name of snow boots in China. As a result, Dykes cannot take actions to safeguard human rights in Australia. There are no obstacles in the Chinese legal framework.

Yuhang Court concluded that the sellers of cross-border shopping service are obliged to understand that the purchase of goods may cause infringement after entry into the country, but did not fulfill this duty of care and still engage in purchasing activities, which constitutes trademark infringement of the company.

It can be imagined that the follow-up domestic sea Amoy market, UGG this category I am afraid to Deckers monopoly, and other UGG are difficult to survive, in fact, is also established, if the domestic UGG trademark is a company in Australia or a certain domestic When the sellers register, other merchants including Dykes will be swept away by the domestic e-commerce market.

Australian National UGG Signs Hyperpay

On November 9, Hyperpay reached an agreement with the Australian SUTTONS UGG brand, which announced that it will use Hyperpay as a smart payment channel to accept Hcash/Hyperpay as the payment currency.

Since its appearance, UGG has been eagerly sought after by consumers all over the world. Its raw materials come from Australian wool, giving consumers a top comfortable wearing experience. The perfect combination of its precious raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship reveals outstanding functionality and comfort, delivering unforgettable top-notch wool skin experience and unique luxury.

UGG has been favored by many stars around the world. Whether it’s cutting-edge fashion magazines or online trend bloggers, from international stars to Chinese first-line models, UGG has become a must-have for every fashion person. On a cold winter day, wearing a pair of fashionable and warm UGGs can be said to be everyone’s wish.

Americans and Australians quarrelled for the brand ugg

Under the advocacy of Oprah Winfrey, Ugg wool boots became popular in fashion circles. More than thirty years ago, a surfer named Corky Carroll took a similar pair of shoes. When he brought the boots back to the United States, history began.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Carroll was a well-known surf player and got these boots in Australia. Locals living by the sea used the boots to keep warm for the winter. Carroll bought a pair and brought it back to California. This style was sought after by other surfers, so Carroll started a purchasing service and asked friends to send him a hundred pairs.

Carroll currently lives in Mexico and still has a pair of wool boots. In the email he mentioned, “I love them very much, very comfortable and warm. It’s easy to wear.”

Deckers Ooutdoor Corp Releases Latest Financial Results

US domestic market sales increased by 2.5% year-on-year to US$502 million, and international market sales increased by 14% year-on-year to US$309 million.

Dave Powers, president and chief executive officer of the company, pointed out that this year’s weather has contributed to the company’s sales growth, especially the growth of key brand UGG sales. Since the peak of 2000, sales of the brand have continued to weaken.

Deckers implemented a number of strategic deployments that promoted performance growth, such as product innovation, store optimization programs, and e-commerce capabilities to cope with growing sales. Dave Powers stated: “The third quarter’s performance far exceeded expectations, strong foundation support, improved product strategy, and wholesale channel optimization measures helped us achieve excellent full-price sales performance during the holiday season.”

Based on strong performance in the third quarter, Deckers raised its full-year sales forecast for fiscal year 2018 to 18.73 to 1.878 billion U.S. dollars.

Ugg is following the trend to make transformation

“We hope that everyone knows that UGG is not a snow boots, but a brand.” Oliver Laurent told reporters that in 2017, UGG announced the Chinese film and television actor Yang Ying Angelababy as its brand spokesperson, this is UGG since its establishment in 1978, For the first time, Chinese stars are used as brand spokespersons.

This move stems from UGG’s strategic adjustment in China, targeting new consumers in the new market, and creating a more fashionable, authentic, bold and real brand image. “We now want to take a more youthful path to communicating with younger consumers, young people aged 25-35,” said Oliver Laurent.

The reporter noticed that in the past April, UGG has launched a new spring and summer “HOLLY Hurley Shoes King.” “For UGG, spring and summer products will have a furry design. This is our DNA. We will add the plush elements to our shoes.” Oliver Laurent told First Financial Journalist Explained.

UGG 2018 New Winter Products

UGG®, a high-end lifestyle brand from the United States, celebrated its 40th anniversary in the fall and winter of 2018. After 40 years of accumulation and innovation, UGG® has returned to the coast of California and has reinterpreted its rich history and traditions in a playful fashion. It is bold, passionate, progressive, true, free, sexy, optimistic, and warm. And flag brand core values. In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary, UGG® surprises the launch of the ever-changing Berry bow series this season, giving consumers more personalized choices, plus more cute, fashionable plush squad scores, plush fashion and functionality. Rich autumn and winter outdoor new!

In the fall and winter of 2018, UGG® incorporated imaginative creative designs into the women’s collection and launched a series of plush genie squads with both sleekness and fun. The most notable of these was the smashing shoes named after the elf’s image. , soft sprouting sheepskin ears, avant-garde hair design and fashion fringe details, with bright sun powder and classic chestnut brown, to create a cool and slightly playful fun “fashionable fine” shape. Another inspiration comes from the elf’s shoes. It is as if she is surrounded by a gaudy scarf, Mei Zeyi. The mini-sized ears show off the spirit of the girl.

The same fun and adorable children’s plush genie squad will definitely let mothers put it down. Who doesn’t want to go out with the baby? Set of childlike shapes and fluffy drapes, whether it’s Mori Zeyi who has added metallic and lavender dreamy hair designs, or an adult fairy who has super cute hairy ears, UGG® sleek and lively design and as always The comfort makes the children “small” out of a “big attitude.”