ugg outlet ireland

ugg outlet ireland

Australian UGG boots sold better and better in China

Burume Inc., a UGG manufacturer based in Gold Coast, Australia, recently signed a contract to distribute its high-end UGG snow boots contract in the Chinese market. Richard Friedrichs, Burlee’s CEO, told local media that the brand will open Burlee high-end snow boots independent brand stores in mainland China, and fully open up mainland China network sales channels, including Tmall and Jingdong Mall.

“China has a thriving middle class group and the number is expected to rise to 850 million,” said Friedrich. “And they all love Australian products and are willing to pay for high-quality products.”

Different from ordinary UGG snow boots, Burlee snow boots are made of classic fabrics, even snakeskin hand-made high-grade UGG, and some will be in the surface of Swarovski crystal. Burlee UGG’s single product prices are generally between 300-600 US dollars, the most expensive to buy a pair of about 20,000 US dollars.

However, Burlee has already received a complaint from Decker, the United States, accusing him of using the UGG trademark for alleged infringement. However, Friedrich said that UGG is just a common name in the strength of the Australian giant ski boots.