ugg sale ireland

ugg sale ireland

Children’s ugg may be the next best-selling style

This American joined DECKERS (parent company of UGG) in 2013. In the past 20 years, he has served the well-known footwear brands such as NIKE, ADIDAS, and NEWBALANCE.

UGG red too early, in its entry into the Chinese market, the name of the snowshoes in the name of the cottage goods have been all over the place. Even after officially entering China in 2008, due to the small number of brand stores, it is often unclear whether people are really stupid.

The main pure wool boots with fur coats are of high quality and UGG is not cheap to sell in China. As with other international brands, due to the large price gap between home and abroad, people often buy through overseas purchasing or tourism in order to obtain benefits.

So, after entering China for 7 years, UGG decided to adjust the selling price. “The overall reduction is about 10%-12%, and the biggest percentage of a shoe is a drop of nearly 20%.” Michael said that in August of this year, UGG selected a total of 215 entry-level products (covering all categories of products). . “We have chosen the most popular product line in mainland China,” UGG said in a statement.